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Well, here it is 9pm and my cats aren't back. I've left a couple messages on Facebook and sent an email. Nothing, I haven't heard back from this person since Thursday when I got the message she wanted to get the cats back to me on Sunday (today).

This has gone above and beyond insane. It's like being teased or playing monkey in the middle. I'm waiting for an email saying 'PSYCH!' like she's dangling my cats for me to take and yanking them back at the last second.

This person is not a foster home. Her name and phone number are listed as the main ones for this "rescue". In essence, she promotes herself to BE this.. place. I don't think I'm going to be able to refer to her business practice as "rescue" any more. It's gone too far to be that kind.

I understand the comments about business hours/days that someone commented about. If that was the case she could have arranged/offered me to retrieve the cats on Friday instead of Sunday. Sunday was her suggestion, not mine.

Now I'm not just upset, I'm pissed off. Who treats people like this, seriously?!
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