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I must say, I'm most impressed with this food. I've tried almost every variety of the better canned foods for cats, and not one of the cats has liked any of them. To have all indoor and outdoor cats gobbling the stuff up, it's amazing to me. As for the dogs.....kees are not big eaters, and tend to be a little picky. Like I said, red meat doesn't interest these guys at all, no beef or venison or lamb, but the rabbit variety of NV was eaten quickly (they never eat quickly), and the bowls were cleaned first sitting, (they never eat their bowls clean first sitting, usually go back 2 or 3 times to finish it if at all).
I'm going to pick up the chicken and duck varieties and see if it's accepted as well. This might just give the wellness canned they've been eating up until now a good run for it's money.

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