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I really hope that she was 7 weeks old when you got her and she is nine weeks old now. Leaving the pups with mom and the litter until 8 to 10 weeks is best. While 7 weeks is not so bad, leaving mom and the litter at 5 weeks can lead to some behavioural problems later on. If you did get your pup at 5 weeks, you may want to see about finding a good trainer and getting your pup into a puppy class as soon as all of his shots are completed. (This is something I would recommend anyway but more important for those who left mom too young.)

Anyway - housebreaking.

First off, if you don't have a dog crate, you need to get one.Your best bet would be a large crate - big enough to hold your dog when it is full grown - with a divider so that you can make it smaller for a young puppy. The crate is where your puppy should be anytime that you can not keep a close eye on it.

Your pup should go outside immediately after coming out of the crate. You need to go outside with your pup and the minute she goes potty - THROW A PARTY!!! Tell her what a fabulous girl she is with great enthusiasm! And don't forget that treat! (When training my pup I kept a couple of those little cat treats in my pocket for potty treats.)

You need to learn to read her body language. Most dogs have a slight hump to their back if they have to poo. Peeing is usually (but not always) preceeded by sniffing. When you see the signs - you need to stop everything and get her outside.

Accidents in the house at this age, should just be cleaned up with no yelling. After all, you missed the signs and your 7 week old pup really doesn't know better yet. With consistency and patience (it took all summer for my pup to be mostly accident free!) you should be well on your way to having a great, housebroken puppy.
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