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House breaking my!!

Hi, my name is Sherry from Labrador City, NL
I just recently,2 weeks,got a new puppy Female Labrador/Shepherd mix, we got her from the SPCA. She seems to really adapted to the house and my kids and our cat. But the house breaking not going so good. I giver her her food 3 times a day 7am, 12pm, and 5pm, same times my kids get feed. I let her out every hour or two and treat her most times that she goes out and does her thing.
But she would rather do it in the house, i have to put her off the bridge about 5 times before she goes, she wants to come in and do it. When she does do her pee in the house and i catch her doing it, she runs aunder the sofa cause she knows shes done wrong. And now the past two days, the mini pull out sofa that she sleeps on and the kids share with her, she pees on it.
Im not giving up on her, i know that she's only 7 weeks old and this stuff takes time..but someone please give me advice.

Help me please
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