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The only way to send a very strong message to these so called humans who profit off of animals like this is the maximum fine and jail time. I question as to why the maximum is not imposed.
The only way to 'hit it where it hurts' to these greedy, selfish, demented, heartless individuals is through the pocket book. This is what speaks to them. They realize that the laws are weak, and the maximum is never applied - to them it's a simple 'oh well'.
There must be at least ONE flippen judge out there that can set the presidence and seriously use the justice system to let others know that this will not be tolerated.
Where is that one person?

Thankfully one person said something. In my view, this person is setting a great example and a message that this needs to stop. Enough already...

On a good note, and what people do not know (because it is not news worthy) is that little by little certain 'breeders' are closing shop. I know of a few that have surrendered their dogs to certain establishments. It is done quietly and discretely, but it is happening. There is hope. We just need to keep screaming and keep plugging away and hopefully we can make a huge dent into this greedy business.
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