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Thank you for your reply. First, I would like to let you know that I just love your quotes. Everyone of them is true. They sound very Zen like. I enjoy reading Zen and feel if we could all live by the wisdom of Zen/Buddha we could find life more beautiful and we ourselves would feel more at peace. Anyway, such a different topic. To get back regarding my little guy Munch. Yes, the vet turned Munchs neck back and forth and does not feel it is his neck. They got some of the cervical spine in the chest x-ray and didn't see anything. She did not x-ray his spine of abdomen. He is eating well and eliminating well. I agree with you fully though. It is either belly pain or spinal pain. It will be interesting in what she has to offer us tomorrow. I put a little heat pack on Munchs back last night. I was very careful that it was not too hot. This morning he got up and did not have the hunch. Still moving real slow, little lack of interest in things. Ate a good breakfast and went to the bathroom fine. I wish I knew what is going on.
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