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Help -Pug

I called the vet. She said she has not heard from the radiologist and it may not be till Monday. I bet I have an ulcer by then. He still coughs but not as much as he used to when I was burning wood. Is it possible he has bronchitis? The thing is the vet said it doesn't look like an effusion. Then today she said she doesn't think its a tumor but she has been wrong before. I don't know if she said that to try and relax me or not. I gotta tell you folks, I love my animals so much, they are my little family, spoiled and everything. Its very very hard for me to think anything critical could be wrong with my little ones. I know my Munch is 13yrs old but he has been the picture of health. Ever since he was a pup I exercised him everyday and always eats the best food. He is so smart and loyal. Sometimes I wonder why I got any animals as it always hard for me to lose them. Oh well, maybe I am making a mountain out of a mole hill. Thank you so much for your replies and encouragement. It means so much to me.
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