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Originally Posted by mummummum View Post
A Beagle -Shepherd ??? Well... you just HAVE to post pix of your two now with all that lead up!

"The other thing I wonder is whether or not his brother might be eating all his food while you aren't watching."
I guess I should have been a little more specific on that one ..Gixxer (Hemi's brother) doesn't actually live with us. He went to a friend of mine so they still play all the time but certainly don't get the chance to steal each others foods.

I'm certainly going to take him into the vet some time next week and see what they say. It can't hurt and although I'm not REALLY worried about it, I'd definitely love to see him put some weight on soon.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and advice!

Ps. As requested, here are some pictures of the babies.
The first picture is of little Hemi (Beagle/ Shepherd) and our beautiful girl Zoey (Beagle/Sheltie) and the other 2 are just of Hemi.
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