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Newt will sit on my doormat, fix her gaze longingly at the front door, look back at me, look back at the door and make what I like to call her 'pleading' meow, which will grow increasingly louder if I ignore her. She will then get up on her hind legs and start pawing/clawing at the door frame. Her meowing can get really loooong and loud.

Distracting her with treats, toys, lots and lots of massaging and TLC may calm her down for a few short minutes, but she will quickly get back to her "I want to go outside" routine.

I know that most indoor cats like looking out through windows. When Newt does this, she starts pawing at the window, trying to find a way out, so it doesn't really help. When I'm not around, there are times she will attack the window blinds. Fortunately, I have wood blinds that can take a bit of abuse (standard aluminum blinds would be a crumpled mess by now).

As for taking a break from her demanding kittens, that's very understandable. However, there are parts of the home she can retreat to for some alone time if she wants. For the first several weeks, the kitten nest was in an emptied sock drawer underneath my bed which they couldn't climb out from. Now that they're much more mobile, I've moved the kittens to a designated nursery area in a spare room. I put a plank across the doorway do keep the kittens contained, so the mom still has access during feeding/grooming time.

Once spayed, I'll definitely monitor her behaviour for any changes, and make a decision at that time whether I can keep her or not. Hopefully, she doesn't drive me crazy before then.
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