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I happened to find my wire protector at Rona hardware in town here. I was going to make up a clear plastic protector out of the clear soft plastic tubing, which is about 3/8 of an inch in diameter. I mentioned to the clerk what I was using it for. And that's when she pointed out the hard black plastic corrugated type wire protector. It has worked quite well since I put it on six months ago, the cat has attempted to chew on it at several different locations, but I think she finds it very uncomfortable in the mouth. It's all the small wires that I am having trouble with that is why I'm trying the bitter apple to protect the speaker wires and wires to headsets. Plus all the fine wiring behind the computer and stereo system using the wire protector stuff would be very unsightly for the amount that is required to cover the wires.

I would expect Canadian Tire would carry this product in the automotive department due to the fact that the main place you see it used is under the hood of a car to protect the wire harness.
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