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Thank you growler~Gatekeeper and Filter. It answered my question about bitter apple, and it has also given me some insight into other peoples problems with wire chewing cats. I will just have to find out how dedicated she is to chewing, so I'll start with the bitter apple and if I'm still having a problem I will reapply once a week for several weeks and see if that will stop her. If not I'll have to order cord protectors as recommended. I am using some cord protectors now. They come in a roll of 10 feet about 3/8" in diameter. I was able to pick them up at the hardware store is the same type as used under the hood of the car on electrical wiring, and it has curtailed the chewing to some degree maybe the Critter Cord the Chewsafe cord would be the way to go.

I checked BBs mouth and her teeth are as white as the driven snow and her gums are in perfect shape. And I don't see any chipped teeth either. They used to eat a lot of organic chicken backs necks wings but for some reason they quit and I can't get them to eat chicken at all anymore, but they love their turkey and a bit of beef from time to time, mainly they are pork lovers. I have been feeding raw for a period of 9 1/2 years, believe it or not, recommended by my Veterinarian. I will try the lamb ribs they love lamb but haven't had it for quite some time due to the cost.

I still have a feeling that there is a deficiency of some kind in her system, especially when you take into consideration all the other things she chews on.
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