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Now 7 long, hard months without my sweet, little girl. Been looking at some of her videos and pictures. She was so much fun, y'all. I know I keep repeating myself, but she was such a precious little soul. Lord is my witness, I think of her every single day. She was the best!

Here's another short video of her. She loved hanging out in those azalea bushes, on that porch, or at the base of that oak tree. She had her special spots she liked to get away to when she wanted to rest. You'll hear me calling her a few of the crazy nicknames I called her.

LOL She was tired in the picture below, but I kept pestering her by taking pictures. She was so much fun.

Name:  Lady G. (January 10, 2017) (3).jpg
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I love you Lady G.! Missing you like crazy, punkin!
RIP Lady G.
2007 - January 14, 2019
I love and miss you dearly! I will never forget you, girl!

Her Memorial Thread
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