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I'll be honest, I know much less about Islam than i do about Christianity and Judaism. I am not a religious person but I am quite fascinated by religion and religious belief.

I'd be willing to bet 95% or more members also know very little about Islam.

We have an opportunity in this thread to learn a little bit from some of our Muslim members and we should embrace this learning opportunity.

Do i agree with a Fatwa against owing dogs on a personal level, no. But am I going to to bash the religion or people belonging to that religion because of what 1 cleric believes or preaches, no.

For what it's worth.....Ultra-Orthodox Jews also do not keep dogs for the same reason (uncleanliness) and it would not surprise me one bit if certain branches of Christianity also believe the same. Certainly Christianity, the prevalent religion in north America has plenty of tenets or decrees from the Church that are not acceptable to many people on this board.

Let's learn - not bash please.

Almost every Jew and Christian I know has problems with certain things that are written in their respective bibles...

What I am incredibly curious about is how this Fatwa (and Fatwas is general) affects Muslims in the western world.
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