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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
Just wondering what happens to all these dogs? If they are not allowed to be kept as pets do they just wander? After all, a person can only own so many dogs for herding purposes or guarding purposes. If that is the case do they form packs of wild dogs? Are they allowed to breed? That then leads to sickness and inbreeding. Soon the population is out of control which brings out many many more problems.
And, before I get attacked one more time because people take what I write the wrong way, I am not talking because of the area they are in. I would be asking the same if it was going on in my back yard. This is a general question to anyone who feels they have the answer(s). I don't.
i dont recall you being attacked for anything before. so i dont know what you were insinuating there.

as for your question, thats another issue that can be taken as neglect to the animals because some solely depend on their persons. unless they are being relocated then thats a different story.
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