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Yesterday on Live with Regis and Kelly they had an entire segment on these "designer dogs".

Regis said something to the effect of "years ago we called them mutts." I just wondered if anyone had seen that and what they thought.

Cyberkitten I think I'm half in love with Hamilton. What a cutie !!! After the new year I'm going to call the rescue agency where I got Joey. I think my husband might like a bigger "manly man" dog this time. LOL !! He's known as the guy with the foofie dog.

Tee, good luck with your search. It sounds as though you are heading into it with your eyes wide open. And your girls are certainly old enough to be responsible with a pet.

Prin mentioned shih-tzus and I have to say that we hadn't considered that breed before we got Joey. But now I think that they are wonderful. There's an awful lot of dog, and a whole lot of personality in a small package !
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