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Originally Posted by HunterXHunter View Post
Well...some of the guys maybe thinking this, but I guess I'll be the one to say it: It's the girl's fault.* runs and hides *
Bestiality, pedophiles and rapists are in the same category - it's not about the sex, it's sexual exploitation, dominance and control <-- that's it! Psychiatry should be mandatory for life - it's not cureable IMO

It appears there's alot more to this story then will ever know but it was suggested on a internet chat this farm was a destination for people looking to have sex with livestock. They also had chickens, sheep, goats, bulls and dogs.

James Tait's companion Kenneth Pinyan died of acute peritonitis after both were filmed raping a horse (an untreated bacterial infection). Apparently they trespassed onto this farm regularly where enforments obtained hundreds of hours of previous footage at this farm. Animal cruelty could not be established since the horse couldn't actually say whether or not it hurt (law at that time)

James Tait was convincted Nov 30'05 with misdemeanor, trespassing: 1 year suspended sentence, $300 fine, 8 hrs of community service and ordered no contact with his neighbor and their farm.

Because of this horrible case - on March 1st'06 Washington State Senate Bill 6417, the anti-bestiality bill, passed the House of Representatives 98-0 "Silence of Betrayal" is no more in this State
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