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Stir fries are great. You can get a bunch of veggies (non-starchy ones), whatever you like, then add a can of coconut milk and half a packet of A Taste of Thai red curry paste and it is soooo good. You can add chicken and whatnot to it too. Coconut milk is actually really great for burning fat too, you can look it up on the web and find tonnes of info.

Are you thinking of going hard core no-carbs or just cutting back on pasta bread and rice? I personally think some carbs are necessary in a diet, cutting out fruits and veggies seems wrong to me (mind you this is coming from a vegetarian of 15 years).

Portioning and excercise is a good way to lose weight. With portioning you just make sure at least half your plate is vegetables (preferably raw), 1/4 is protein, and 1/4 is carb. It really helps cut down on something like pasta when you have to eat double the portion in raw veggies! Good luck
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