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I just wanted to add that many people simply don't know that 6 weeks is a bad time to take in a kitten. They think they are doing the cat or themselves a favour, but there's no 'bad intent' going into it, just a lack of general information about cats, backyard breeding etc.

Hopefully others can now read this thread, learn from it and hopefully not adopt a 6 week old cat, but for this OP it's too late.

In terms of solving your particular problem Raiee2010 one thing I would recommend (if you are doing this at any time) is to immediately stop playing with the cat with your hands and arms as 'toys'. Get actual cat toys from pet stores like a feather on a string or a wand with some toy at the end of it and encourage your cat to play with those. Redirect the cat to those toys instead of hands if possible. You may notice that the interaction of playing with the toy might also be satisfying for the cat.

Good luck.

good luck
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