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Originally Posted by Melinda View Post
another way to use up extra energy is to get a backpack for your dog, make sure to put even weight in each side, for your dogs size I'd start with say...two bottles of water on each side, more if needed, and on a side note, my martingale collar is part chain, I love it, just the quick "noise" of a jerk reminds her to stay in line.
Interesting suggestion! I've seen a handful of dogs with 'backpacks' but have never thought about using them as a way to expend energy. Does it help much, and how do dogs generally like carrying things on their back?

I tried something different yesterday night with my dog. Instead of playing hide and seek with him on the main floor only, as we typically do, I allowed him access to the basement as well, so it was a 2-floor game. Going up and down the stairs AND using his brain to find me resulted in a dog that was definitely more tired! after resting a bit, we went out for a walk and though pulling was present, it was less 'urgent' and only minor reminders were needed. at least i know this is an effective way to burn off some excess energy!
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