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You've already gotten some good advice.

Your dog is still very young. I wouldn't expect him to calm down until about 4-5 yrs old. High drive breeds can be VERY persistent pullers.

Have you thought about actually gotten him into some kind of pulling activity? He can learn that there are appropriate times to pull when in certain equipment but not when on leash. It will also help to exercise and calm him down rather than using the walk for exercise which is what's going on now.

It's really really really super hard to wear out young high energy dogs. And think about it this way, huskies are bred to pull for HOURS so what you think is a good amount of exercise probably isn't.
When Walnut was around that age we could go to the river and she'd swim in the current for about 6 hrs before she got worn out and decided to quit. She can still swim for hours without getting fatigued.
Swimming is a really good activity btw, it's good cardio without stressing the joints.

-play in backyard prior to walking – this often makes him more energetic! Like a warm-up.
Yeah, you would have to be doing a very strenuous activity for a fairly long time to wear a young high energy dog out enough to prevent the pulling.

Have you tried running with him? Sometimes it helps to just speed up the pace a little bit, and then after he's a bit winded work on the not pulling at a walk again.
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