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And Then There Were Eight

Yes it's true, unbelievable maybe but true. Seven dogs wasn't enough, now I have eight (nine if you count DH's beagle, but he's "his" hunting dog and mine are well, "mine") So what's the matter with me, his name doesn't even fit, it's not Tornado or Blizzard or anything weather related like the rest of my crew, he's called Dru but...he's Rain and Storm's younger brother and Flurry's half-brother. Several months ago when I found out about the pups they were all gone but two and one of those was also spoken for. I had my eye on Dru, knowing that his mom was being spayed and he was my last chance to own another sibling of my others, but he wasn't available, they were keeping him. Things have changed, somebody gave them another puppy (I'm not really sure of those circumstances, if she was meant for them or to be placed through their rescue). Anyhow, they're keeping her and feel that raising the two pups right now would be too much (they're a working farm plus border collie rescue and busy, busy) so they offered me Dru for Christmas! They know I work my dogs at sledding and I take them down their farm to work with their sheep and they knew I'd give him lots to do. So here he is, he's 5 months old. He is such a lovable well-adjusted pup and he's already fitting right in with my "pack"

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