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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
No, seriously! From here:


Only I couldn't find CRN on it.
Really? Gee, our titling score was 195. For 5th place. Well, I sent them an email so maybe in September I'll find out.

Oh my gosh. I looked at your link and I think that's what it is. The C in front of RN for CARO was introduced about a year ago. All the CARO titles now have "C" at the beginning. The article in your link must be older than that.

Well good for us. Now I guess I need to know where I put the MCL, MCLCRN? Or CRNMCL? After I guess. That's it, he's officially got more letters after his name than I do.

ETA: You know how your brain tries to make sense of letters and turn them into a word, even if some of the letters for that word are missing or wrong? All I can see now is Cornmeal.

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