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Originally Posted by Kallima_butterf View Post
Wholly crap it may be my imagination but those tiny needles seem to not even phase him.

Originally Posted by Kallima_butterf View Post
What is a blood glucose curve?
That's when the blood glucose levels are checked at regular intervals (for instance, every 2 hours) over a 12 or 24 hr period. A human glucometer can be used, and the blood is typically tested from the edge of the cat's ear using a lancet device. This can provide valuable information about how effective that particular dose of insulin is, like when the onset is, when the nadir (lowest bg level) is, how long it's lasting, etc. When the numbers are graphed, it tends to look like a U shaped curve, thus the name. It's the best way to figure out if the cat is on the right dose of insulin. Often done in a vet clinic ($$$), they don't tend to be very accurate in that situation because stress can falsely elevate the levels.
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