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Hi goobygirl, welcome to!

Originally Posted by goobygirl View Post
When she does eat, if the food gets on that side she hollers and runs to hide.
Sounds horribly painful, poor girl.

Originally Posted by goobygirl View Post
Our vet says she has a weak heart and advises against pulling the teeth.
What does your vet mean by "weak heart"? Were any diagnostics done, like an echocardiogram, to determine exactly what the heart condition is?

Originally Posted by goobygirl View Post
Should I risk her getting her teeth pulled?
Before going that route, you could try a course of antibiotics and pain meds (but NOT Metacam!) to help her feel more comfortable and get her eating sufficiently. But that might only provide short-term relief and if the teeth are truly in bad shape, it could still be necessary to get them out. The bacteria from infected teeth can travel through the bloodstream and cause other health problems, namely to the heart and kidneys.

I totally understand how scary it can be to put a cat with heart issues under anesthetic, but I think the risk in your kitty's case might be worth it. Painful teeth are debilitating and it becomes a quality of life issue, so if euthanasia is the other option, I would be inclined to TRY the dental, taking as many precautions as possible. That means I would ask your vet for a referral to a dental specialist or at least someone with more confidence/experience in handling such a situation.

My own cat, who is 19, had a dental done a few months ago and did great. He has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, diagnosed via echocardiogram and has been taking Atenolol for it for many years. He's also diabetic and has renal insufficiency, so the risks were high. But even though I was scared silly at having it done, I don't regret it for one second.

Good luck!
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