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Wink Raw food

Raw food is the way dogs were meant to eat, fur, organs and all. If you look at a pack of wolves, the alpha male and female always get to eat the kill before any others of the pack. They eat the organs cause they get the most nutrients out of it and leave the rest of the "less nutritious" meat for the others.

Now, we cant use just any meat....I believe that's were some of the problem lies. The meat, especially hamburger meat, from grocieries are not "pure" enough for my liking to be given to any living thing raw. I only get my meat straight from the farm or from health food stores.

Now in order to prevent the meat from going bad, they put natural preservative such as garlic and other spices, or olive oil, etc...

PS also amazing for your dog's health:

pears, apples, carrots etc (fruits and vegetables not too high in acidity and remove all seeds) and they like them really ripe...not like us, so keep that in mind when your thinking of throwing away the ripened fruit away, offer it to your best little buddy it instead!

also meats they will love: duck, lamb, turkey, lamb

Oh yeah for those of you wondering BARF stands for:

Biologically Appropriated Raw Food

I still think that name can use revising
Happy Feedings!
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