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Salmonella shouldn't be much of a concern. Remember, bacteria is everywhere. Some sites even say that kibble has been found to have Salmonella (or maybe it was some other kind of bacteria?).

I used to feed raw. The only reason why we don't feed it anymore is because it got too expensive feeding two dogs when we couldn't buy bulk. Once we get another freezer, we're going back to raw. I also used Mountain Dog Food. I didn't feel comfortable making my own meat/veggie mix so I figured that was a good alternative. Do you feed bones as well (as in, JUST bones. Not the pre-mixed one)? What I did was, I'd feed the mix in the morning, and bones at night. Then a couple times a week, I'd throw in some organs and eggs. The dogs did amazingly on it. I can't wait til I get them back on raw.

I would like to feed my dogs raw, but not sure where to start?? Is it expensive? I feed them chicken carcasses and wings, kangaroo tails or meaty bones twice a week, but is it good for them to have bones all the time?
It depends on how good a shopper you are. Obviously, it's better if you can buy bulk but if you feed just one dog and don't buy bulk, it's not too bad. We spent roughly $4 a week feeding two (medium-sized) dogs (and that was with premade stuff). Some butchers give bones out for free. There's a butcher around here that has beef bones cut according to the dog's size and they're absolutely free.

Bones should be a regular part of the diet. So yep! It's great if you can feed bones often.
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