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Our cats are not kept in cages 24/7. We have volunteers who go daily to clean, feed, socialize, brush and take care of the cats, as well as let them out of the cages for a couple of hours to play and sit in the windows. We are also planning to build a new shelter with a lot more room, with proper containment units, and a 'playroom' where the cats can be out of their cages for extended periods.

We are overloaded because the place where we are located keeps bringing us more and more cats (strays, abandonned, dumped by irresponsible owners). We do not have foster homes and do the best we can with the resources we have.

Most of our cats are much better off in the centre than the alternative .... on the street, hungry, scared, cold. If you check our website, you will see that we have asked for foster homes and volunteers.

Most of our cats are adopted within a month of being rescued (we hold newbies for one week for observation, then they are vaccinated and the following week, sterilized). We work with 2 local vets; both of whom have been to our shelter on a regular basis and support what we try to do. One of our vets has a key to the shelter and stops by at least once a week to check on the cats.

Occasionally, such as now, we have some cats who have been with us too long and have not been adopted for whatever reason. Anyone who has a suggestion as to what to do, please let me know! I have asked Debbie for help in placing 4 of them.

Since August 2004, we have rescued over 130 cats/kittens. Of these, we have lost less than 10 to disease (kittens to panleuk), and have had 2 returns. We now have 24 cats at the shelter and a waiting list of others who are in dire need (living outside). If you do the math, you will see that we have had 94 successful adoptions since we started. Please see the section "Success Stories" on our website for testimonials.

Those rescues that have been operating for years must have gone through trial and error, triumphs and tears, throughout the initial stages of getting organized. SOS MIOW is experiencing severe growing pains and we need your support.

Rather than judge - why not help us? We are all in this for the same reason are we not?

On a side note: Re Sugar and her conjunctavitus - it has been treated and is all cleared up. Re Diasy (with the ulcerated eyes), we have had an enquiry about her from a lady who has a 3-legged cat. Re declawing - we do not support it; but if an adoptor is going to have it done anyway, we would rather it be done at the same time as sterilization (young cats only). We are not so naive that we don't know that people will get it done even if they promise not to.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please direct them to me personally. Nasty speculation will only hurt the cats.

Thank you.
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