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Absolutely - anything that you use in training that is not you, is a tool. Tools aren't wrong, its how they are used, how much you depend on them and why the dog is responding. Even halter collars which are touted to be 'gentle' can cause a wrenching of the neck, so is the dog being good because he is afraid of having his neck wrenched? The second you cause pain or fear you lose trust, and good relationships are built on love, trust and respect.

If you need an e-collar to train your dog, my question is where do you go when the low level vibration doesn't work? Crank it up to the next level until it does work? Not our cup of tea.

If I am not succeeding in a relationship it is my responsibility to be a better communicator. I need to be more interesting to be with, and it is up to me to communicate more clearly so that my partner understands me.

When we get results with just the look of an eye or a change in tone, I feel good about that. If someone needs a pocket full of treats to be successful then we would hope to be able to help them move beyond their dependence on food to get results from their dog. We teach them to use just their touch, tone and energy to get results with as little energy as possible and then we have accomplished something for the betterment of their dog, their understanding of dogs and their relationship.
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