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Anyone use or try feline pine scoopable litter?

I just bought some of this on a whim because they just started carrying it at Walmart (10 lbs for 11.99 here, which is equivalent to 34 lbs clay; cheaper than the regular feline pine was a few years ago when I tried it), and due to my back I cannot lift much so the clay litter is hard for me to haul around. I didn't even know they made scoopable, so either it's new or just new here in my town.

I have to say, I've been using this for a week and it's awesome! I've tried to regular Feline Pine before but my cats didn't like the texture of the pellets, and it also didn't seem to cover up the smell as much, plus not scoopable which I don't like as much.
This stuff is more like finely shredded pine bedding like you'd use for rabbits and stuff. And I have to say it actually clumps BETTER than all of the clay litters I've tried (due to the weight of clay clumps seem to fall apart sometimes; this is not the case with the pine litter).
But the best part is there's NO dust. Even the high quality clay litters I've tried have some dust which causes major problems for me (coughing, sneezing, not to mention the taste lingering in my mouth, ick ). It seems like over the years I've become much more sensitive to it because years ago I didn't notice it too much.
As far as covering up smell, I'd actually say it works better than clay because when clay litter gets wet not only can you smell the cat smell, but the wet litter smell isn't great either. I've noticed no smell with this stuff so far (or at least faint enough it's not an issue). And also, with the clay litter my cats weren't covering up their poop as much because they didn't seem to like staying in the box as long or touching the stuff. They seem a lot happier with this texture of this stuff and have been covering it up really good (or maybe because it's a lot lighter they just have a much easier time? I also noticed after a few days less litter on the floor because they seem to have realized they don't need to scrape at this stuff as hard.). I've also noticed urine doesn't seem to trickle down and clump at the bottom of the litterbox like it can with clay; instead it stays closer to the top. The little bits of clay not being tracked around the house is nice too. This stuff does not seem to stick to feet the same way.

So I'd highly suggest if you haven't tried this to do so. It's also chemical free which I think I feel a lot safer with.

Anyone else have experience with this litter? Positives, negatives? I realize some cats are picky about litter and may have issues switching, but for mine they took to it immediately and seem happier with it. Though I did make sure not to scrub the litterboxes out so the smell would still be there and they'd know it was where they needed to go. The stuff looks and feels so much different I thought if I cleaned everything they might be confused (After all, they don't use my rabbit enclosure as a litterbox and it has similar bedding). Also, some of my cats seemed to be having issues with either the dust or the chemicals in the clay because there was some coughing or sneezing periodically after using the box. I don't see any of them doing so now, so I think perhaps this litter has helped, though I know I need to observe a bit longer to see.
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