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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
Welcome to H and LMix

You are describing a normal 8 wk old puppy that has only been away from it's mom and siblings for 2 days.

Are you spending as much time as you can with him playing and interacting with him? And, when he cries to go out please go outside with him. Also, does he have some toys to play with to entertain himself while you are busy?

Where does he sleep at night? In a crate in your bedroom would be the best.

And, finally, we love pics here so I hope you have some of your boy to share.
Sound great, and picture I will try to get.

But to fill in your questions:

He has bones and a stuff dog and some other little doggy things that the wife got.

And when he wine at the door I put a leech around him and let him go pee or poo, *one thing is it better to try and let him go without the leech or should I wait till he gets to know his name better*? and I am alway with him outside unless he gos out on the deck.
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