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Question My Puppy's Skin Issue

Hello everyone, it is about my puppy…again…ok, here is the story. Last week, he tore one of his dewclaws, we brought him to the vet, they cauterized the wound, bandaged it and also gave him a 10-day worth of antibiotics. Yesterday, we brought him back to the vet, because the wound is still kinda red. And the vet said the best option is to have his dewclaw removed. But it is not infected, yet, (knock on wood), so we want to wait and see. Hopefully it can wait till we get him neutered (he is 14 months) at 2 years old, so they can remove both of his dewclaws the same time.

Now, today, when I was brushing him, I noticed two patches around his elbows, one on elbow each, they look like hot spots, I am not sure. I hate myself for not noticing them yesterday, I could just ask the vet then. So I have been reading some older threads about hot spots and staph infection. What was mentioned in the threads doesn't really apply to his problem, he doesn't scratch it at all and doesn't seem bothered. But as you can see from the pictures, he does have some hair loss at one of the patches. I shaved the other one. He is still on the antibiotics for his dewclaw, I doubt this antibiotic is the one for hot spot or staph infection. I am thinking to buy the Gold Bond powder, but they are not oozing. Instead, they are quite dry and flaky.

Thanks for your patience to make to this far, so my question is, I really don't want to see the vet again for, like the forth time of this month…(they must love us very much) unless I really have to. What can I do at home? Can I use coconut oil on top and orally both? Do I need to use warm salty water to clean his the problem area a few times a day? Also do I need to give to him oregano oil? And how?? Or could they just be physical wear from sitting on hard wood floor? I highly doubt it though, I don't think we are this lucky, lately nothing is going smoothly. Anyhow, Thank you very much for reading my long story!! I need to make more money for my "annoying" puppy
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