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Aww...happy to hear he is back. Seems like the salmon worked. Great news. But I had to laugh at your comment about OSPCA, contacking your local spca and the government. The government does not help the OSPCA or their branches and affliates what so ever. The OSPCA, it's branches and afflicates all rely on donations, fundraising and for the lucky ones, coorprate sponsors. The government forks out our tax dollars to City run shelters, were they euth euth and more euth, the majority do not spay ot nueter their adopted animals, therefore contributing to the pet overpopulation and so on, were is alot of city shelter, there cages are like 40 years old run down cages/run, while the offices have $10 000 dollar equipment and make $25 an hour and it is now one gives a crap because sadly they can.

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