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You can leave out tuna or salmon out. These foods are have strong oders. You can also leave out that has your smell on it, and also something that has his smell on it.

The best times to check are early morning and early evening. These times are quieter. Talk to you neighbours and show them a picture of your cat. They might have seen your cat in the neighboured, but don't know that it is your cat and that he is missing.

I would call and fill out a lost report with your local animal shelter. I would also bring in a picture, so they can attach it to the file. See what depart does Animal Control. It is a Humane Society, is it the city or does the city contract a contracter to do someone who owns their business.

And to your comment about animal shelters being closed. It is probably only the office that is closed. Animal Control work 24/7 365 days a year. It is a holiday today, but I am working the night on-call shift. Since it is a holiday, today is emerganices only. If someone calls, and says that they have found a stray dog/cat, I will ask them if it is ok for them to hold on to the animal until the morning. Now if they refuse, I will be going to pick the animal and bring it back to the shelter. I would call and speak to animal control. They might have picked up your pet. You might not have able to come and claim your pet, until Tuesday since it is a holiday, but at least you will know that you cat is safe.
Keep us posted.


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