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Dog nose bleed - Answered by Dr. Lee

My ten year old Siberian Husky has been having nose bleeds from his right nostril for a few weeks off and on. We took him in to the vet at the beginning and the ex-rays didn't reveal anything suspicious, and the blood work didn't show an elevation suggesting an infection, and we got antibiotics.

We thought they were slowly getting better. Well, a week later he had a bad bleed. The were some pools of blood on the carpet, splattering all over the flood and wall, and mixed in were several blood clots. I rushed him to the vet, and they did another ex-ray and blood work, nothing. But, our vet gave us a different antibiotic, and a steroid for inflammation. She thought he possibly sniffed something up and it got stuck in his nose. We went 11 days, and this Thursday he had two small nose bleeds.

Our vet is at a loss. He has no other obvious systems, hes eating normally, happy, thrilled when someone comes over to visit, and still a great temperament with our kids.

Any ideas, or anyone else go through this????
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