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Proin is POISON

Originally Posted by TheBabe View Post
So I'll be the third boxer owner who's dog drinks water obsessivly. (11 years old) I've taken her to the vet, got blood and urine tests to check for issues. (cushing/kidney/infection etc) All came back clear.

The drinking water doesn't bother me, it's the urination and in HUGE quantities all over my carpets and floors every other day that have me considering some perminant solutions to this problem.

She's on the Protin now, and as of 3 weeks still peeing on my floor. I let her out 9-12 times per day to pee, and still she pees on my floor. It's unreal. I even tried the doggie diapers, she pees right through them and onto my floor.

So now I'm trying to put water down on a schedule. Honestly between the diapers/pills/vetbills/carpet cleaning/paper towels and extreme aggravition I'm feeling, I'm starting to loose hope.

This has been going on about 4 months, and the vet doesn't know what to do either.
Any tips?
Please get your dog off of PROIN. Please go over to and read all postings (18 replies). Look under Dog Health and Nutrition--click on it and then find: Is Your Dog on Proin (sorry, but you have it spelled wrong and this is what your dog is on!) and click on that. And if that isn't enough--put Proin/side effects in dogs or something on that order in your browser---and please hurry!
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