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dog drinking too much water

My vet has just diagnosed my lab with generally being very healthy except he drinks too much water. His kidneys are not concentrating his urine. After several sets of blood, urine and xray tests, he was diagnosed with healthy kidneys but after monitoring we realized he drinks way too much water. (We had a kiddie pool all summer which may have caused this problem to start). As best as I can understand, his kidneys are healthy but not being used because of the large amount of water he is drinking. We always knew our lab would overeat if his food was not monitored but now we have to regulate his water intake as well. Based on his weight, the vet has calculated he needs just under 1 litre water per day. We now give him water 4 times a day. We live in a cold climate so right now the weather is not a factor. I am not sure what we will do when the hot summer days come. As this problem was new to me I thought I would share it as its sounds like others may experience this with their dog. This diagnosis was from the vet after numerous tests ruling out diabetes, etc.
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