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This is my first time on this website, I was looking to see how to better manage my dog patches' diabetes. She has been my best friend for the past 13+ years, so I typed in my dog drinks too much water and found this thread. We went through all kinds of tests and many mis-diagnosis, all of the cures for what wasn't the problem just seemed to make things worse, the last one, pills for incontinance almost cost Patches her life. but I luckily stopped giving her the medicine and when I took her back her blood sugar levels were so high they kept her 2 days and told me that she would probably not make it, the next day I went in to pick her up. She came home with instructions on how to give her shots twice a day, that was more than a year ago. I will not take her back to that Vet. It was by the way one of the largest Vet Clinics in Portland. But unfortunatly lately her insulin levels are off much more often, and she is going blind, but she makes it very clear that she is not ready to go yet. I am hoping that someone might have some advise. I'm not ready to loose my best friend.

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