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Originally Posted by vcheng79 View Post
Is there anything I have to do to prevent infection after the spray procedure? How dangerous is that?

vcheng - The incision is very small for a spay operation. I have never had a cat get infection after a spay operation is done. Make sure she is kept indoors until she is healed and she is in a clean area. Just make sure she doesn't get too excited with toys and whatnot. Keep her quiet that way. She will know how she feels and will usually play accordingly. Mine slept for the first day or two after. From then on you really didn't know they had had an operation.

As L4H says, spaying a cat while she is in heat is a little more risky because of increased blood flow. Your vet will probably not be able to do it right away anyway. But please get your kitty spayed. For her sake and yours!

I have included a picture of the incision on one of my girls after her operation. You can see it really isn't that bad. One stitch!
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