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Is it the radial nerve that is damaged? If so, it can take a really long time to repair, and usually required physiotherapy ONCE THE AREA HAS HEALED. In the meantime, follow the doc's orders and and rest, rest, rest that arm. IF, and I repeat IF by some terrible fluke he doesn't regain use of the arm, it will honestly not be the end of the world. I've got a 17 month old german shepherd who was born with a deformed front leg, and she has always walked (and ran, and played, and jumped and wrestled, and played tugofwar etc. etc. etc.) on three legs. We opted to have her leg amputated when she was a baby because that bad leg was just causing her too much trouble (it got in way all the time and was heavy and got bruised/raw from bonking on things all the time). She recovered within weeks of the surgery and is now a true-blue tripod.
Now keep in mind that I'm sure your pup's arm will be just fine, but I'm telling you this so you don't fret about the "what if's" of a dog that can "only" use three legs. My vet always says that dogs are born with three legs and a spare...they really do just fine, and you don't need to worry about it.
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