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Buddy's issue

Buddy is my 2 year old yellow Labrador. I have read through all these posts and I'm still not convinced that Buddy is suffering from some problem other than he's mental. I have had Buddy since he was 8 weeks old. He is house broken and has been kennel trained from the day he came through the front door. When we leave the house he is placed in a kennel. When we have company over he is placed in a kennel. He is as healthy as a horse. He has regular Vet check ups and the Vet always says Buddy is in fine shape.
Buddy Drinks Water until he barfs it up. We have managed his water since birth. That was part of the way he was house broken. We never left water out for him to drink whenever he wants. Other wise he would be peeing all over the place. He gets plenty of water throughout the day. I wonder what is wrong with him? He has had blood tests...all normal. Well I'm at a loss..
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