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Feed decent brand of food

According to the contract we signed with the breeder, we feed our newf pup Pedigree puppy food. He eats about 4 to 6 cups a day and a 20lb sack costs about $16 (US). He also gets milk bones, pig ears, etc. Our last newf (who died of renal failure at 18 mo :sad: ) ate about 4 cups per day so a 20 lb sack of food for her would last about two weeks or so. So I think that total I was spending about $50 or so a month for her food and treats. I think the pup will eat more because he'll be alot more active.

I definitely would not feed my dog "ol roy" dog food, or any other cheap brand. We fed that to our coyote dog and a stray we adopted (I think she was part Corgi) and the coyote did fine, but the corgi got fat. The cheap ones just seem to have more filler and fat than anything else.

I agree that the price varies greatly on what kind of food and how much. We had to put the corgi on a diet and the vet recommended Science diet - she lost weight but at $26 for a 10 lb bag - liposuction might have been cheaper
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