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Hi there,

I own an American Foxhound, my boy is still a puppy (10 months) and right now he is on Royal Canin Maxi and Royal Canin Natural Blend...if I buy the 7lbs bags and mix them together it usually last me a month (a month and half now that he is strating to eat less!!) It costs me around $40 month, unless I buy the larger bags which will last 2 1/2-3 months for about $90. Of course it all depends on if you want your dog on wet food or a different brand but that's about how much it is for me!

I plan to switch to the raw food once his an adult and I can ensure he's getting a balanced diet (I may supplement with Natural Balance if necessary). I had my old dog on raw food and it actually saved me money because she didn't eat as much and was much healthier.

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