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Obedience shuts down during the heat too. Good thing I started today, I know I have a month to get Jarrah behaving herself before we get a special visitor at the Club, namely Michael Tucker. Michael runs a dog training school and is the author of 5 dog training books. He stopped with us many years ago now so he could run a seminar locally and back then I had a trained dog, not like Jarrah today. I didn't know how much her previous owner had taught her, not much was the answer. No idea of the stand exercise, her heeling and sitting was reasonable considering the year she's been away from training. It was good though and I took photo's of the dog she partnered up with, for DD. We had to use each other's dogs as distractions when doing recalls. The Mal's name is Nikki, 5 months old. I got put into the puppy class while they worked out how much Jarrah knows. LOL.
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