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Originally Posted by friskey099 View Post
Hi Everyone, I THINK my male cat might have a UTI.
How old is your kitty, and does he have any other health issues? It's actually very rare for a cat under 10 yrs to have a true urinary tract infection, but urinary tract inflammation on the other hand, is quite common, especially for cats that eat mostly kibble.

Originally Posted by friskey099 View Post
Mostly because he has started peeing in the bathroom sink all the time and hardly anything coming out but this is a weird cat so he might just be peeing in the sink for fun lol.
Not likely for fun, probably more likely 'cause urinating is painful and he's associating the litter box with pain, so he goes elsewhere. How long has he been doing this? Is he also still using the litter box at all? Good thing you have a vet appt today because it's possible his urethra is blocked or inflamed.

Originally Posted by friskey099 View Post
I want to know which is the BEST method to check for a UTI,
At the very least, a urinalysis is required, but if you can spend a few more bucks, sending the urine out for a culture and sensitivity test (takes 72 hrs) is the best way to know for sure if there are bacteria present. Blood tests probably aren't necessary at this point unless he's had this issue for a while and/or hasn't had blood work done in the last few years.

In the meantime, here is some really good info for you on urinary tract issues in cats:
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