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Rocky is missing (Okanagan Valley)

Hopefully someone will help find my dog.
If anyone has seen him please call

He may have been abducted by the Neighbor across the street
and given to a home outside of Penticton.
He was last seen on her sidewalk being petted by her.
As much as she hates the dog and especially me.
(cause she thinks the dog is responsible for killing the Bulk of her Cedar's)
when I went to ask for her help and then accused her of dognapping
she could not even bother to denie the possibility.
It seems strange that for the first time in several years she was seen showing signs of humanity
and an Hour or so later the dog has vanished.
My thinking is that it was probably real easy to hide the dog & then transfer him into the Truck or another vehicle for a ride to a new Home.
Anyway any help would be most appreciated
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