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1) He doesn't yell or hit or lose his patience
2) He is very in-tune with dogs and identifies the problems in seconds!
3) Anyone who can take a fearful agressive dog, to a panting relaxed one is 17 seconds is a GOD in my books
4) He knows the dogs aren't bad dogs-it's the owners and their failures that have created these behavior problems

I understand that there are some cliche language things (like 'red zone' 'pack leader') that may turn people off-but he gets results EVERYTIME.

Could Brad take seven dogs on rollerblades? I doubt it.

I also love his focus on exercising and balanced lifestyles for the dogs, consistency, and moving on and not focusing on the past (many owners on there baby dogs who were neglected and end up turning them into monsters or fearful dogs!).

On our satellite every friday night is back to back episodes of the Dog Whisperer and then Dog Town all evening-that's how I spend my fridays (getting old right? LOL)

I think Ceaser is amazing!!! I *heart* him!