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Achilles Surgery Rehabilitation Issues

Hi all,

My 5 year old lab mix, Dexter had surgery on October 31st for a partial achilles tear. It's been a bumpy recovery, he has dermatitis on the paw which has caused some sleepless nights. Had the dermatitis finally under control and now he is no longer using the leg (Had been using the leg pretty well with the splint on since surgery). He is a high energy lab and I suspect he was being too active out in the yard unsupervised. Is there a chance he could have re-torn the tendon? Or is that rare due to the recent reattachment. It's possible it's the dermatitis again, but he doesn't seem sensitive when I touch the foot. I have a vet appt in three days and am trying to prepare myself for whatever will come. I'm hoping it's just sore from the adjusted flex in the splint (fingers crossed). Has anyone had experience with this type of surgery or rehab?
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