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Originally Posted by mikischo View Post
I haven't used any pet clippers myself but it seems like a number of people on this forum like the Andis AGC Super 2 speed:

The Andis AGC Super 2 speed is also highly recommended on the following website with a five star rating followed by the Oster Powermax 2 speed with a four star rating:

Sounds like both of the above work equally well for dogs or cats and both are supposed to be quiet with the Andis being described as "very quiet."

Awesome, thanks a bunch! I will check into those. I am looking to order ASAP. Poor Jack is one giant furball at this time. I furminate all my cats frequently but he is a very very hairy cat. He's like 7 pounds of cat and 3 pounds of fluff Those are in my price range as well...
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