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Recommendations on grooming clippers

Hey, I'm looking to get a decent pair of grooming clippers to keep at my house. I need to give Jack a good hair cut, he's getting quite matted. I hate using the rechargable clippers, so I am looking for a nice chorded pair.

I'm looking to spend between $100-$200 USD, they need to be quiet and need to be able to quickly cut through THICK fur. I'm not terribly worried about much else, of course I want them to be safe and blah blah blah, but I'm particularly gifted at grooming cats, as I used to be really the only one to volunteer to clip the neglected cats that came in to the shelter, lol.

I was looking at some of the ones by Andis. I just didn't know if anyone has first hand experience. The main HUGE point is needs to be QUIET as possible. Jack is still kind of skittish.

Let me know
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