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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
That's because the OSPCA is so obsessed with GTA . Now if only they put the efforts into rescuing these dogs as they did in shutting down the THS, those dogs would be rescued and in foster homes now .

Geesh, the more I hear about the OSPCA, the more I think they need to be taken over .

Poor Dogs I hope they make it
I was talking to a friend today whose son use to ride the train up to Moosenee to do construction work. He said this guy Jean lived out in the middle of no where, the train would stop and pick him up and all the dogs would be there. When Jean came back from town all the dogs would be over the tracks waiting for him to come home.

Now that the dogs are by themselves they have been getting killed by bears as there are lots of bears up there and lynx. Also because the dogs didn't have food the big dogs had started killing the smaller one. The train has also killed some of the dogs too as they wait on the that is what my friend told me, but I can't understand why the engineer wouldn't stop the train and have a brakeman go and shoo the dogs off the tracks instead of just running them over! I'm hoping it is just a untrue rumur.
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